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About "OFME. Essential Solutions" Group

About "OFME. Essential Solutions" Group


Corporate website of “OFME. Essential Solutions” Group  

Since 2003 our company has been engaged in the supply and sale of office furniture. In 2007 the present product e-catalog was created to maximize the display of an entire range of office furniture the company offers. The furniture range includes executive office furniture sets for leaders at all levels, operative office furniture, home office furniture sets, office chairs and sofas, upholstered office furniture, reception desks, boardroom tables, special purpose furniture, hotel furniture, mobile office partitions, safes and metal cabinets, computer tables and a variety of furniture accessories.


OFME company strategy is based on a customer-focused approach, high level dedication of experienced professionals and the constant attention to each customer. For each functional area of your office we have a supply capacity with the 1:20 ratio (the main production facilities and warehouses occupy about 275,000 m2 in Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia).


Nowadays, OFME Group is a reliable robust mechanism, which solves its set tasks and goals on the furniture supply.


The ultimate goal of our business is to solve your business problems. This provides the possibility to obtain new orders associated with the growth of your business. We develop and rationalize cooperation with every customer to the full. (Our projects). Recommendation letters and the current year customer list can be provided upon request.

Simply let us know that you are interested in furniture purchase. Call us +7 495 137 97 94 and 8 800 511 97 94 (free for all regions of Russia) or e-mail zakaz@ofme.ru, and we will send you a preliminary quotation within 1 (one) hour with several offer options that can meet your needs.

Comprehensive customer service program  We offer office furniture (including furniture manufacture by individual orders).

We consult on all furniture issues by phone, e-mail or personal interview. We give advices on pricing, technical specification, as well as on furniture supply, assembly and delivery terms.

We provide a preliminary quotation within 1 hour, which includes furniture technical specifications, pricing information and supply time for each specific request.

We hold products presentations in the customer’s office and at the other customer’s site, and show them our furniture catalogs and samples of materials. We communicate with customers in person, always take into account the wishes and offer them customized solutions.

We measure interior professionally. We provide a computer-based furniture arrangement services, as well as the drafting views of furniture in the certain interior *.

Using an integrated 3D approach, we design furniture appearance and its arrangement in your office.

We deliver and assemble the furniture within an agreed time period.

We are responsible for the safety of your interior during the furniture assembly process.

During the warranty period we eliminate any customer’s complaint for free. We provide post-warranty services, as well as solutions on furniture repair, replacement of furniture components and restoration.

* in some cases (special purpose furniture, large number of employees in one office unit, etc.) this process is compulsory.

Should you require any information on consultancy, cooperation, furniture order or any other services,

Feel free to contact us via phone: +7 495 137 97 94 and 8 800 511 97 94 or e-mail: zakaz@ofme.ru

OFME CONTACTS Simply let us know that you are interested in furniture purchase. Call us or e-mail

 +7 495 137 97 94
 8 800 511 97 94 (free for all regions of Russia)  

We can call you back!

E-mail: zakaz@ofme.ru


 Discussion of the project at a convenient time is possible by prior agreement.Specialist's visit to any place in Russia. 


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 Instagram OFME   http://instagram.com/ofme.ru (for girls we have boys, for boys we have motorcycles and girls, but we have no furniture here at all)

OFME Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/ofme.ru  

OFME Twitter   https://twitter.com/netoeswork   

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Corporate website of “OFME. Essential Solutions” Group - http://www.company.ofme.ru