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Business terms and conditions

Business terms and conditions

If you or your company is engaged in office furniture sales, in design and construction, participates in contests and/or is a trading company, we would be glad to discuss our joint cooperation with you.


Please fill in a form and send it to us by e-mail zakaz@ofme.ru jointly with your furniture request (if any). Our specialist will contact you back. You can also send the form via fax.


Based on the information you provide – in the form and during further communication - we will offer you the certain terms of cooperation, as well as terms on discounts, training, payments, etc.


Simply let us know that you are interested in furniture purchase

Call us:


+7 495 137-97-94;  8 800 511-97-94 (free for all regions of Russia)

We can call you back!

E-mail: zakaz@ofme.ru



Information for furniture companies

Special conditions for big orders.

Additional dealer discounts at the end of a month or after a large one-time purchase.

1-10 years warranty period for in-house manufactured furniture.

Ultimate replacement of furniture that has factory defects within the shortest possible time.

Highrigidity of the products’ packaging.

Warehouse program for the main product line.

We deliver furniture to transport companies and/or intermediate storages by our own transport at a give-away price.

We provide catalogs and printed advertising materials for furniture manufacturers and promote your furniture projects with the help of 3D-studio services!

Special pricing for furniture manufactures having large tenders!

We do not increase furniture prices more than twice a year!

We are ready to discuss with our dealers delay of payment and/or credit terms on certain products or transactions.

“OFME.Essential Solutions” Group pays bonuses for the plan implementation and paysawards for furniture manufacturers. See our retail program here Cow farm (http://korova.ofme.ru/)!



Information for designers and architects

It is an open secret that people can quicklyperceive visual information, especially photographic images and drawings. To have a photo shoot, you will need a professional photographer, which includes his/her site visit, some organizational and financial complications and a bunch of other problems. But what if your idea exists only in your imagination and your sketches?


We will help bring your ideas into a complete photorealistic image. Our design studio willrealize your ideas based only on sketches or verbal descriptionyou provide. Who is this service for?


Private designers and design studios! We can put your ideas, your sketches made by hand and your drawings into effect. Almost everyone is aware how hard the everyday work with a demanding client can be. Imagine such a situation: You have proposed to your client the project styling, detailing and colors, have chosen the furniture and furnishings and have agreed on decoration and the light (basic, decorative, functional). This is an urgent order, and this client still doesn't understand the whole idea of the individual design solution. Therefore, you need to complete your work in a photorealistic way of a good quality.


What opportunities we have and what are your advantages in choosing OFME 3D Studio for your business? If you choose us as your reliable partner, you will get:


Services: modeling and visualization of all design projects, operative 3D modeling of your products for the catalog: e-catalog and/or development of the layout to be printed; outsourcing for design studios. (see Services section).


Advantages: professionalism, quality of work, favorable barter prices (you share with us information about the client –in turn, we provide you studio services) and fast project implementation. (see Portfolio and Gallery section).



Information for real-estate companies and agents

If you recommend us to your clients, as real professionals, everybody will be satisfied.



Cow farm (see more information here - http://company.ofme.ru/partneram/korovya_ferma/)



Information for suppliers

Do you provide the following services and products:

  • officefurniture
  • executiveoffice furniture sets
  • office chairs and sofas
  • chairs and tables for bars and cafes
  • office partitions
  • safes and metal cabinets
  • upholstered furniture
  • computer tables
  • coffee tables and coat stands
  • hotel furniture
  • medical furniture
  • school furniture
  • theatre sofas
  • furniture for libraries
  • furniture manufacture by individual orders
  • internationalfreight transportation
  • urban freight transportation
  • furniture assembly
  • furniture restoration
  • customs services
  • warehousing services
  • banking and financial services
  • legal services
  • insurance
  • real estate sale and rental
  • factoring
  • leasing
  • communications
  • recruitment
  • interior design and engineering design
  • advertisingand PR
  • printing services
  • webprojects
  • exhibitions
  • marketing research
  • website development and promotion ?


Please kindly send you business proposal to zakaz@ofme.ru.

We need 2 days to consider your proposal. After this, our company division or department specialist will contact you.



We are inviting you to take part in mutual cooperation of humans and AI robots, who know a lot about the company needs in the office furniture. Please e-mail your suggestions and questions to zakaz@ofme.ru. OFME Group will offer you excellent conditions for further cooperation.